Workshop - “Technology Advancements in the Dairy Industry” - 15th October 2015

15th October, Pune

India is the world’s largest producer of dairy products by volume. Despite its growth (currently around 15-17% annually) the Indian Dairy Industry is plagued with issues like deteriorating quality of the milk due to adulteration, contamination and adding preservatives. At the same time food safety standards of the government are increasing.

In order to close this gap and meet the increasing standards set in place by the Government, GIZ in partnership with Bosch and NAFARI is implementing a cooperation project which seeks to encourage the dairy industry and especially MSMEs to adapt new technologies and hence significantly improve their operations. In detail the cooperation project seeks to:

  • Support technology adaptation by companies to reduce adulteration / contamination in the dairy industry and to initiate process innovation
  • Bridge the skill gap in the industry with recent technology developments to determine milk quality assessment.
  • Conduct field pilots to enable dairy companies to use milk contamination /adulteration technology and identify improvements

As a first step, GIZ in cooperation with Bosch and Nafari is conducting a workshop on “technology advancements in the dairy industry” on the 15th October in Pune. Besides setting the context, the workshop will give an introduction to technology evolutions to solve the adulteration challenges in the dairy industry. The workshop is a first activity of the cooperation between GIZ, Bosch and NAFARI and seeks to encourage companies to meet the growing food safety standards kept in place by the government. Companies participating in the workshop will be eligible to take part in a free of cost trial of milk contamination technology in the field. The trial will be conducted by experts and seeks to demonstrate the application of contamination technology in the field and will also support the companies to derive at improvements in their operations. It is expected that around 60 companies from the dairy sector are participating in the workshop.