Knowledge Sharing between South Africa, France and Germany on human resource planning, development and delivery challenges in Public Service organisations

How to keep up with the digital change, plan, contract and maintain a dedicated and skilled workforce so as to further strengthen customer orientation? These are some of the Human Resource planning, development and delivery questions discussed at a knowledge sharing event which took place from 26-28th September 2016 in Pretoria, South Africa.

Policy makers, experts and practitioners from South Africa, France, Germany and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) met to exchange information on trends, challenges and good practices with the aim to learn from each other and to find innovative solutions together. The more than 60 participants came from the South African Department of Public Service and Administration and the National School of Government; the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and the University of Potsdam; the French General Directorate for Public Service and Administration and the French National School of Public Administration as well as the OECD.

The event was organised by the Governance Support Programme (GSP), which is implemented by GIZ, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Entwicklung GmbH, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The three days saw counterparts exchange ideas on roles, strategies and mechanisms guiding the interventions of central organisations responsible for Public Service in the area of Human Resource planning and Development.

Feedback from participants were all positive with specific reference being made to the richness of the experiences and lessons learned across the different countries in their approach to Human Resource Development, Human Resource Planning and training management topics. The event also paved the way for upcoming cooperation agreements, especially between the French and South African organisations as well as OECD. As a result the Department for Public Service Administration was invited to join a panel of civil services in OECD countries having gone through a strategic Human Resource Management Survey. The survey seeks to evaluate and benchmark against all OECD countries policies and practices aimed at attracting and developing talented professionals, efficient management of the workforce and measures to improve performance in service delivery.

South African and international partners expressed sincere appreciation to the German Government for making this dynamic exchange event possible. Germany and South Africa can jointly look back on a fruitful cooperation in the area of Governance and Administration for over than 20 years. The German Development Cooperation has a long history of supporting public service reforms in South Africa in cooperation with the Department of Public Service Administration, the National School of Government and other key institutions such as the Public Service Commission and the Presidency.

(from left) Mr. Mash Diphofa, Ms. Nicola Wertz, Mr. Frank Marchetti and Prof. Richard Levin.