Advantages for digitalisation and domestic IT solutions for companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

How can advantages of a digitalisation and domestic IT solutions for companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina be recognised?

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are an inextricable part of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian and European economy and they play a vital role in creating new value in various economic sectors. 25 million SMEs in the EU provide employment for 100 million persons and generate more than half of the EU GDP. SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina cover 68% of jobs and contribute to the total value in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a share of 62%.

However, many SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not aware of the vast opportunities offered by innovation and digitalisation and they frequently believe that they have no time, money, knowledge or personnel for developing innovative solutions and digitalising their operations.

For this reason, a GIZ project entitled ''Innovation and Digitalisation in SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina'' offers opportunities for a stronger cooperation and networking between SMEs and domestic IT experts. On November 11 and 12, the project will organise an online event entitled ''2020 B2BIT Encounters'' and enable a direct communication between SMEs in the production and processing industry and IT companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina.   

During the event''2020 B2BIT Encounters'' (see:, representatives of SMEs will have an opportunity to conduct B2B discussions with representatives of IT companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina and find an IT company that can help them in applying certain digital solutions and therefore improving their operations by digitalising segments of their production, sales, promotion, distribution and HR management.

Due to the economic crisis and problems resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, many entrepreneurs are struggling to stay in the market and maintain their sole proprietorships or companies in business. They may even have doubts as to whether now is the time for innovation and digitalisation and be asking themselves what are the potential advantages of digitalisation for SMEs. They can obtain answers and assistance from experts during the online event ''2020 B2BIT Encounters'' in finding a solution for their problems, deficiencies or obstacles for the purpose of achieving a more dynamic communication with clients, transformation of products and services or reduction of burden for their employees. Why?

Digitalisation transforms the way in which companies connect clients, data and processes. A fast IT development facilitates the daily business operations and makes it possible to save time, energy, money and space. Good digital solutions strengthen the competitiveness of companies, enable them to attract (permanent) clients in a better and faster way, efficiently manage and organise their operations and ensure an easier use of their data for business decision making.

Given the fact that SMEs are extremely versatile in terms of their business models, size, years of existence and profile of entrepreneur, the motives and needs for innovation and digitalisation may significantly differ. However, a common trait is their need to start thinking today about their future operations.    

In spite of numerous advantages of digitalisation, not all of them are willing to change and modernise their operations. The most frequent reasons for such a reluctance are ignorance and lack of information. A digital transformation of business operations may seem distant and difficult to achieve, but adequate business contacts and opportunities for learning may render it possible and simple.

For this very reason entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina are offered a unique opportunity to establish business contacts and cooperation with the domestic IT sector and gain access to innovative services and products during the online event ''2020 B2BIT Encounters''. This is only one of a series of activities in the framework of the project ''Innovation and Digitalisation in SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina'' implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Government as part of its effort to support the development of an enabling environment for SMEs and IT companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.