Call for Expression of Interest - 83371869 Highlands or 83371988 Lowlands

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has been supporting the SADC water sector for several years through the programme “Transboundary Water Management in the SADC region” implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The fifth phase of TWM runs from 01/2020 to 12/2023 and includes a major component co-financed by the European Union (EU) in Lesotho. The programme “Support to Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) in Lesotho” - referred to in the following as “the ICM programme” or “the Action” - was agreed between the Government of Lesotho and the EU Delegation to the Kingdom of Lesotho in the Financing Agreement signed in April 2019.

The Overall Objective of the Action is: “ICM facilitates socio-economic development and adaptation to climate change in Lesotho”, while the Specific Objective runs: “ICM institutionalised and under full implementation in Lesotho, based on gender equality and climate adaptation principles”.

The Action is managed by a GIZ team together with counterparts from the Government of Lesotho’s national ICM Coordination Unit (ICU). 

GIZ seeks to appoint two individual Lesotho consultants to review, improve and cost a Soil and Water Conservation Compendium / toolbox for ICM planning to be used by all ICM partners involved in planning and implementation of community based participatory watershed development.

  • 83371869 Highlands
  • 83371988 Lowlands

 The Lesotho consultants will act as local counterparts partnering with an International consultant who will act as Team Leader.

One of the Lesotho consultants will be responsible for identifying and describing soil and water conservation measures relevant to the highlands of Lesotho, while the other consultant will be responsible for measures relevant to the Lesotho Lowlands.     

GIZ invites eligible individual consultants who are Lesotho citizens to participate in one of the two tenders (Highlands or Lowlands). Participation by an individual is restricted to one of the two tenders. 

Tender documents are available to download until 08.01.2021. Completed forms (CV and financial proposal) must be submitted to by 15.01.2021 at 23h00. Please quote reference and clearly specify in your submission email which region (83371869 Highlands or 83371988 Lowlands) you are tendering for when submitting the documentation. Late submissions will not be accepted.