CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST - Development of a climate change monitoring and evaluation programme for the Biodiversity and Ecosystem sector to enhance resilience of ecosystems and biodiversity 83372835

The recent global assessment on biodiversity and ecosystems services by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) indicated that about one million species are at risk of extinction[1]. The key drivers for the latter are land and sea use, exploitation of biodiversity, climate change, pollution, and alien invasive species. The latter key drivers mainly arise from a set of indirect drivers through anthropogenic activities in pursuit of social values. These drivers have altered the geographical extent of many biomes and the ecosystem goods and services they provide across the globe. Climate change is arguably the greatest risk that will compound and worsen the other drivers. The observed climate change over the recent decades has caused a range of impacts on natural and human systems. 

South Africa’s biodiversity and ecosystems sector is not exempt from the effects of climate change. This was confirmed by the 2018 National Biodiversity Assessment which pointed out that climate change and extreme weather had the highest impact on inland aquatic, marine, estuarine and coastal systems. The effects were also noticeable on terrestrial and sub-Antarctic systems. As a result, climate change and extreme weather had the largest impact on the following Taxa of Conservation Concern.

The products and outputs of the project seek to support the monitoring and evaluation of the biodiversity and ecosystems sector in response to climate change. The project aims to track historical shifts of taxa of conservation concern, create indicators and asses the impacts of the policy framework around biodiversity and ecosystems.

GIZ invites eligible and professional companies with legal local presence in South Africa to participate in this tender. Expression of Interest forms are available for downloading until 12.02.2021.

Completed forms must be submitted to by 19.02.2021. Please quote reference 83372835 when submitting the documentation. Late submissions will not be accepted