Communicating for social change – Toolboxes for conducting awareness raising campaigns

The GIZ project working on the topic of Prevention and combatting of trafficking in human beings in the Western Balkans (PaCT) is happy to introduce a new online capacity building platform on awareness raising which can be found on the website of the project partner – the Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative (MARRI): 

This platform provides insights into conducting awareness raising campaigns in particular on (but not limited to) the topic of trafficking in human beings. These useful tools guide you through all stages of campaign conceptualisation and implementation, from the first idea to delivery and evaluation of the results. It was developed by the GIZ PaCT project together with MARRI and the communications agency Executive Group.

The process started in 2020, when the selected communications agency Executive Groups conducted a research on the target groups which are most affected by the phenomenon of human trafficking. Based on the research findings, and considering the existing practices and experiences, it was concluded that it is necessary to pay special attention, when talking about human trafficking in the region, to the following target groups: minors at risk of cyber trafficking, women and girls at risk of sexual exploitation and trafficking, refugees and migrants at risk of trafficking.

With a view to support relevant actors to communicate in a targeted manner and raise awareness on these important topics so called ‘awareness raising toolboxes’ were created which should serve as a guide for designing, creating and implementing awareness raising campaigns. 

In order to further boost the application of the toolboxes, Executive group, in cooperation and with the support of GIZ, will provide three trainings for capacity development on the following topics: (1) Campaign strategies and planning; (2) Media relations and PR; (3) Digital campaigning and storytelling.

The capacitation efforts also include coaching and back-stopping of the partners during the process of creating and implementing campaigns to be launched this year.

We are looking forward to seeing the benefits of the toolbox in preparation and implementation of awareness raising campaigns. You are welcome to use this product and to offer it to your partners, in case you find it applicable, as the toolbox can be easily adjusted and contextualised to different topics and target groups. And of course, don’t forget to share with us the results and experiences from applying this toolbox!

The GIZ Regional Project on Preventing and Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings in the Western Balkans (PaCT), commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) of Germany, works on preventing trafficking in human beings and supporting victims of trafficking in the Western Balkans region. The project’s main partner is the Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative (MARRI).