Call for Research Consultancy - 83381594 - Meta Review of Natural Resource Management Interventions in Lesotho from 1970 - 2020

The GIZ project “Support to Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) in Lesotho” - referred to in the following as “the ICM programme” or “the Action” – is a technical cooperation project in partnership with the Government of Lesotho, financed by the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany. The project aims to support the implementation of integrated catchment management in Lesotho in line with climate change adaptation principles. Target areas include policy harmonization; institutional development; building human capacities, skills and knowledge, implementation of watershed rehabilitation measures; and support for data and monitoring.

GIZ seeks to appoint a contractor to carry out a meta-review of interventions for sustainable natural resource management in Lesotho that took place from 1970 to 2020. The meta-review shall be based on a comprehensive review of available literature that presents and evaluates results of interventions for natural resource management (e.g. sustainable land management, integrated water resource management) that took place in Lesotho in the period between 1970 and 2020. The meta-review may include independent evaluation studies, project appraisals and reviews, and project reports

The review must include the interventions listed below, plus any additional interventions that the consultant deems relevant:

  • Senqu River Valley Integrated Rural Development Project (1972-1977)
  • Land and Water Resources Development Project LWRDP (1975-1983)
  • Farm Improvement with Soil Conservation (FISC) Project in Maphutseng, Mohale's Hoek District (1985-1990)
  • Land Management and Conservation Project (1987-1992)
  • Rural Finance and Enterprise Support Programme (1993-2002)
  • Sustainable Agricultural Development Program for the Mountain Areas (2000-2005)
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Programme (2005-2011)
  • The Rural Finance Intermediation Program (2008-2014)
  • Capacity Building and Knowledge Management for Sustainable Land Management (2009-2016)
  • Smallholder Agriculture Development Project I and II (2011 – to date)
  • Wool and Mohair Promotion Project (2014-to date)
  • Strengthening Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation through Support to Integrated Watershed Management Programme in Lesotho (2015-2019)
  • Reducing vulnerability from climate change in the Foothills, Lowlands and the Lower Senqu River Basin (2015-2020)

The meta review shall include the following elements:

  • Overview of past interventions in Lesotho including trans-boundary projects
    • To present an overview of the main interventions for sustainable natural resource management carried out by Government of Lesotho and partners in the period of 1970 to 2020.
  • Summary of Earlier Assessments
    • To summarise the findings made in the previous assessments and evaluations of these interventions against the evaluation criteria relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability.
    • To assess the appropriateness and usefulness of how earlier evaluations applied the five evaluation criteria in their assessment of these instruments.
  • Assessment in current context
    • To assess the relevance of the previous interventions in relation to the current socio-economic context and policy environment in Lesotho and the Southern African region.
  • Generations of lessons and recommendations for future interventions
    • To draw lessons for the design and implementation of future interventions by the Government and its partners
    • To draw lessons learned for future assessments of instruments

GIZ invites eligible companies based in Lesotho to submit CV’s for two experts (Lead Researchers)

Tender documents are available to download until 28.05.2021.

Completed forms must be submitted to by 04 June 2021.

Please quote reference 83381594 when submitting the documentation.

Late submissions will not be accepted.