Returning from an assignment

Returning to your home country following an assignment as adevelopment worker is an important part of the secondment process. We help you to take this step and assist you in returning home and settling back into day-to-day life. In addition to the social and professional aspects of reintegration, social engagement is a key dimension of returning home. After all, development workers bring back to European society the lessons they have learned abroad and in so doing make a further contribution to sustainable development. We also help former development workers to build networks on their return.

Information on returning home and returnee workshops

We would like to support you in every way that we can on your return from your country of assignment. We have therefore compiled information on a wide variety of topics that are relevant for your return. For example, the document contains tips on insurance and on looking for a job. It will give you a few ideas for quickly forging contacts in Germany and other European countries and forincorporating the experience you have learned abroad into European society. If you are interested, please request thecomplete document from us by email.

On your return, you can also attend the returnee workshops for development workers. The information presented at this three-day event is specially geared to your needs. You can reflect on your assignment, exchange experiences with other development workers and receive tips and ideas for reintegrating into Europe.

Support for professional reintegration

The AGdD 'Förderungswerk' in Bonn provides support for professional reintegration following your development worker assignment. It offers specific services that are geared to development workers, which include seminars, advice on applying for jobs and financial support.

Commitment following your return

A development worker's work is not completed when they finish an assignment. On your return, you can continue to set change processes in motion from Germany or another European country by encouraging others to take action too. By so doing, you promote equitable globalisation. Communicating knowledge and experience to others in their countries of origin is a key element of what development workers do on their return. Here, GIZ cooperates closely with the 'Education meets Development' project implemented by Engagement Global gGbmH.

Additional information