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Development workers advise partner organisations in Africa, Asia, Central Asia, Latin America and the Middle East on achieving their development objectives independently in a participatory manner. Currently about 850 experts are assigned as development workers on behalf of GIZ.

Each year, GIZ's Development Service places more than 300 development workers abroad. In a detailed selection procedure, applicants are selected in line with the profiles requested by the partner organisations. They are seconded to partner countries following thorough preparation. If they are being assigned to conflict regions or to countries with a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, development workers undergo particularly rigorous preparatory measures. The minimum contractual term is usually two years.

Development workers must have completed university or vocational training and have a proven track record of at least two years in their particular field, during which time they have been able to consolidate their expertise. They are eager to work together with their partners on achieving development-oriented objectives by bringing their expertise and experience to bear in a different cultural context and, in so doing, improve the living conditions of the local population.

GIZ country offices safeguard the technical quality of activities and exchanges with our international development cooperation partners. In this context, GIZ's knowledge management system supports the comprehensive transfer of experience and know-how.

Development workers are deployed on the basis of the Development Workers Act (EfhG) within the framework of our projects. They are also assigned as Civil Peace Service (CPS) international experts.


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