If you aim to broaden your own skills profile for your subsequent career, we are happy to receive your application. 

The standard development worker contract has a duration of 24 project months plus preparatory phase. It is possible to issue standard contracts with shorter terms starting with 12 project months plus preparation.

Short- term contracts (3 months up to less than 24 months) are possible if the assignment has a limited focus and duration. Preconditions are programmes with assignments to new countries or new areas of cooperation, hard to fill positions, or assignments in fragile contexts. 

The requirements for the assignment as a development worker are:

  • to have a suitable professional qualification for an assignment abroad, either from a third-level institution or vocational training college (with certification as a technician or master craftsman);
  • to have at least two years' relevant professional experience; technicians and master craftsmen must have trainer certification;
  • to have skills in a foreign language (depending on the country of assignment – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or Arabic);
  • to have good social skills, be open to other cultures, have intercultural sensitivity and be prepared to live and work in a new environment;
  • to have an awareness of gender issues. You will help promote gender equality.
  • to be 18 or over and be a citizen of Germany or another EU country.
  • You would like to bring your advisory skills to GIZ’s partner organisations on a daily basis. 

Candidates for short- term assignments must also have previous work experience (minimum 1 year)  as development worker with one of the following secondment service AGEH, Brot für die Welt, Christliche Fachkräfte International, Eirene, Forum ZFD, GIZ, Weltfriedensdienst. 

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