As development worker, you will be eligible for an attractive and extensive benefits package, based on the Development Workers Act (EhfG). It includes cash benefits (e.g. maintenance allowance), social benefits (e.g. insurance cover) and benefits in kind (e.g. organisation of departure and return travel), possibly also for your entitled family members.

The benefits package includes the following:

  • Basic maintenance allowance plus oversea bonus
  • Cost of living adjustment for partner countries with high price levels
  • Reintegration allowance
  • Equipment and furnishing allowance (one- time)
  • Lump sum furniture storage allowance
  • Leave allowance
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses (e.g. preparation in the home country, business trip
  • Reimbursement of baggage transport costs for departure and return travel
  • Childcare/kindergarten costs, school allowances (for children in the country of assignment)
  • Provision of a company car or a mobility allowance
  • Reimbursement of rental expenses for accommodation (in the country of assignment)
  • Rent subsidy (for entitled family members who remain in the home country)
  • Insurance cover (e.g. pension contributions, health insurance, liability insurance, accident insurance)

Deviant/ additional benefits for a short-term assignment:

  • Allowance for continuing and indispensable financial obligations in the home country up to a maximum of 500 €
  • Equipment and furnishing allowance (monthly)
  • Baggage transport costs lump sum for departure and return travel

The service package of GIZ - Nina reports.

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