Question: What are development workers?

In comparison to other experts assigned by the Development Service development workers work for a limited period (of at least one year) in the partner country. In addition to qualifications and professional experience development workers should possess a great social commitment. The German Development Workers Act (EhfG) applies for all development workers. Among other things, the EhfG regulates that development workers receive a maintenance allowance and their social security during the period of their assignment.

Question: What are experts in the Civil Peace Service?

CPS peace experts support the non-violent discharge of conflicts and accompany peace processes in regions of crisis and conflict

Question: Can my family accompany me?

Your family can accompany you during your assignment as an experts assigned to the Development Service. Please be aware that there are countries of operation and areas of application that are considered non-family friendly. Further information: Benefits.

Question: Who is in charge of the secondment of experts in the Development Service?

Experts in the Development service can only be assigned by the following recognised organisations:

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Entwicklungshilfe e.V. (AGEH),
  • Brot für die Welt – Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst,
  • Christliche Fachkräfte International,
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ),
  • EIRENE, Internationaler Christlicher Friedensdienst,
  • Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst e.V. (forum ZFD),
  • Weltfriedensdienst e.V.

Question: How can I apply?

Please apply online. Candidates who are qualified go through a selection procedure. To successfully pass the procedure you have to have technical expertise, personal suitability and a medically proven suitability for the tropics. Job vacancies are published on our GIZ website in the section “Job Offers”. 

Question: What requirements must I fulfill as a specialist in development services?

The requirements for the assignment as a development worker are:

  • to have a suitable professional qualification for an assignment abroad, either from a third-level institution or vocational training college (with certification as a technician or master craftsman);
  • to have at least two years' relevant professional experience; technicians and master craftsmen must have trainer certification;
  • to have skills in a foreign language (depending on the country of assignment – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or Arabic);
  • to have good social skills, be open to other cultures, have intercultural sensitivity and be prepared to live and work in a new environment;
  • to have an awareness of gender issues. You will help promote gender equality.
  • to be 18 or over and be a citizen of Germany or another EU country.
  • You would like to bring your advisory skills to GIZ’s partner organisations on a daily basis. 

Candidates for short- term assignments must also have previous work experience (minimum 1 year)  as development worker with one of the following secondment service AGEH, Brot für die Welt, Christliche Fachkräfte International, Eirene, Forum ZFD, GIZ, Weltfriedensdienst.

Question: What financial benefits do I receive?

As Development service expert you will be eligible for an attractive and extensive benefits package, on the basis of the Development Workers Act (EhfG), which should assure you of an appropriate standard of living in the partner country. Further information: Benefits

Question: How do I prepare for my job as a Development Service expert?

Before our development service professionals travel to the partner country they and their potential partners and children are well prepared for their assignment. You will be offered trainings to promote your intercultural and communicative skills, enhance your counseling and methodological skills and contribute to your critical reflection of your role as a Development service expert.


The standardized three-week preparation in Germany serves to get to know GIZ, to inform yourself about your future role and tasks and to clarify organizational questions. In addition, language and specialist courses take place.


The preparation takes place in Bonn, Germany by the Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ).

In the partner country the experts are introduced to the country-specific work of GIZ as well as to the project-related activity.

Question: What happens after my return from the Development service?

GIZ supports you in reintegrating socially and professionally in Germany / Europe. For this purpose we have compiled an information collection covering many aspects that you should consider when returning from your assignment. The document contains tips on insurance and job hunting, shows ideas on how to quickly re-establish contacts in Germany and Europe, and how you can use your experience to contribute to European society. You can request the document by e-mail: We also offer you the opportunity to participate in GIZ returning days which provide you with important information regarding your reintegration.

The AGdD also offers you financial support as well as a comprehensive counseling service for DW to make your return as pleasant as possible.