Quality for Health Systems (QM)

What is QM?
We often hear that improving the quality of health care services is an important step in improving health outcomes.  We also know that we should efficiently use the resources allocated for health care.  But, what methods and tools work in what circumstances to bring about these results?  Does classical inspection or supervision lead to better system results? How do you make sure that your resources really lead to better quality of care?  Quality Management (QM) is the deliberate use of a system of methods and tools targeting improvements in health care and services. The ultimate aim is to achieve sustainable improvements in health outcomes.


Why QM?

People need to know that they will receive good quality health services when and where they need them most. Providers and policy makers need to know they can and are being delivered. Mothers need to know that their children will be vaccinated by sterile syringes and a vaccine that works. Providers need equipment to carry out their services. Policy makers need information to establish priorities and monitor services. QM systems are therefore an important enabler for achieving health system goals along with national and international priorities such as social health protection, Millennium Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage.


What can we offer? Tailored approaches:

Systemic Quality Improvement (SQI) is one of German Development Cooperation’s contributions to address context specific weaknesses leading to poor quality in the health system. SQI aims at continuous quality improvement of a whole system. That means that all levels of the health system are involved in the approach: the policy and management levels, the service delivery level as well as the community. Other Quality Management approaches are described in section two and three. This website describes all QM approaches supported by German Development Cooperation (GIZ) in its partner countries.


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