Global Alliances for Social Protection

Talk at the Berlin Global Learning Forum

Dialogue and mutual learning about the challenges and opportunities of social protection are key to the programme ‘Global Alliances for Social Protection’. In November 2013 the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) commissioned GIZ to implement the programme.

The programme promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience on social protection topics between countries in different regions. Its main focus is on Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa, which are classified as ‘Global Development Partners’ (GDPs) in German development policy, as well as other interested countries such as Chile, Peru and the Philippines.

The aim is to discuss and share the participating countries’ knowledge and experiences in designing social protection systems through dialogue with other countries. This valuable knowledge is to be made accessible so that other countries can benefit from good practices and the lessons learned, and feed these appropriately into the planning and implementation of social protection systems that are adapted to their countries’ specific conditions.

The programme operates as a facilitator, promoting networking and the sharing of knowledge among partner countries through appropriate learning formats such as special events, peer-to-peer learning, workshops and learning forums. It aims to channel the lessons learned in the field of social protection into both, national and global policy dialogues and into processes for the implementation of social protection systems.

The programme is being implemented in close coordination with BMZ and financed from the budget item ‘International Cooperation with Regions for Sustainable Development’ (IZR), which the Ministry introduced in 2012.