Economic development

Sustainable economic development is the foundation for socially just and environmentally sustainable growth. This entails promoting employment and poverty reduction while simultaneously conserving vital natural resources. We help our partners design economic policy reforms and create an overarching framework to enable sustainable economic development.

Social development

Our work in social development spans the issues of health, education and social protection. All three are inalienable human rights. Together with our partner countries, we work to make them accessible to all sections of the population because they are both a prerequisite and fundamental component in a country's sustainable development.

Environment and climate change

The problems are becoming ever more evident: climate change, the decline in biodiversity, the loss of tropical rainforests, desertification and environmental problems in megacities. We work together with our partners on environmental policy, development of institutions, climate change, management of natural resources, and urban and industrial environmental protection.

Sustainable infrastructure

A sustainable infrastructure stimulates economic activity and is an important foundation for better living conditions. Water, energy, transport and adequate housing are a source and driver of development. We help our partners reconcile economic growth, social development and resource conservation.

Security, reconstruction and peace

... are essential for stabilising societies after violent conflicts and natural disasters and ensuring long-term development. We work on the issues of security, crisis prevention, peace building, emergency aid, reconstruction, disaster risk management and food security, and offer our partner countries expert support.

Rural development

... contributes to better nutritional security and health and to the sustainable management of natural resources. It helps generate income and jobs, and is therefore a strong driver of successful economic development. We draw on decades of experience in agricultural policy and rural areas, sustainable resource management as well as agricultural trade and standards.

State and democracy

... implies effective political institutions and the responsible use of political power and management of public resources by the state. Our work in good governance focuses on, for example, the promotion of democracy, rule of law and human rights, the fight against corruption and the responsible use of public finances.