Public administration and procurement

Promoting public administration to serve citizens well

An efficient, transparent and accountable public administration is key to a functioning state. Moreover, at the international market the quality of public administration is a competitive factor in deciding where to do business. Functioning administrative structures and processes are a prerequisite for the provision of public services and the promotion of sustainable economic development.

Effective internal administrative processes in areas such as human resources, management and procurement form the basis for the services provided by the administration as a whole. If they are not well designed, core functions of the state cannot be performed adequately or at all or do not benefit all citizens equally.

In many developing countries and emerging economies, but also in industrialised nations, the structures, procedures and processes of public administration are unclear, overregulated or simply non-existent. Sometimes there are no incentives to apply them, or the organisational and human resources capacity in the civil service is not sufficient. Corruption, patronage and a lack of integrity often compound the problem. And the voice of civil society is not heard.

We therefore support our partners on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in reforming their administration with the aim of encouraging the state to manage power and public resources responsibly. As budgets are often tight, we advocate for the consistent standardisation of processes, clear targets and results orientation. E-government approaches are playing an increasingly important role in this context.


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