Vocational Education and Training

Well-qualified people are the engine that drives sustainable economic growth and social development. Flexible training and efficient job markets support equal opportunities and social equality when based on the guiding principle of a social and ecological market economy.

Against the backdrop of globalisation and technological change, technical and vocational education and training are a vital component of life-long learning. This includes initial and continual training in companies, schools and elsewhere. Training is offered in long-term courses, modular short courses or directly on the job. Although training does often lead to recognised certification, it also enables individuals and companies to advance even without formal recognition.

People’s ability to find jobs and remain employed secures livelihoods and forms the basis for participation in community life. Occupational orientation, career counselling and job place-ment contribute to to matching supply and demand in the labour market. A skilled work force plays an important role in determining whether companies will be able to compete in national and international markets. In addition, the availability of skilled workers makes a country or region more appealing as a location for business and investment.

Taking economic and social aspects into consideration, on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) GIZ provides support for developing, emerging and transition countries in planning technical and vocational education and training and efficient labour markets.

Examples of our work


Vocational Education Reform

High unemployment prevails in many places. At the same time, there is a lack of qualified specialists. GIZ acts as intermediary between reform needs and expertise in change processes. We impart know-how, structure ...

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Crystal e-Learning

This virtual library is aimed at everyone requiring quality-assured media education materials for occupational training purposes. It contains a collection of articles covering a wide range of subjects in various ...

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Toolkit 'Learning and working in the informal economy'

The ‘Learning and working in the informal economy – access, skills development and transition’ Toolkit  offers a structured overview of the latest research and of current development policy practice related to vocational education and training in and for the informal economy.


Advisory and service portfolio

Here you will find an overview of the technical and methodological services we offer.


Global Leadership Academy

The Global Leadership Academy's interdisciplinary and practice-oriented offerings are aimed at improving the innovative capacity and leadership skills of decision-makers from the fields of policy-making, business, higher education and research, and civil society.