Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

In his Message to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum 2011 in Geneva, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon emphasised the importance of ICT:

‘Through e-learning, e-health, e-government, climate monitoring and more, today’s and tomorrow’s technologies will help bring the Millennium Development Goals within reach […]. The power of fixed and mobile broadband will further improve our ability to extend basic services to communities – even those in the remotest places – in ways that were inconceivable when the MDGs were first articulated more than a decade ago.’

GIZ therefore supports the increased use of ICT in developing and emerging countries and deploys ICT in many of its projects to enhance their effectiveness. ICT now plays a crucial role in many development programmes, optimising work processes, supporting communication and networking, and providing information quickly and at low cost.

GIZ has many years of experience both in the use of ICT for development and in cooperation with technology-oriented partners from the private sector and international organisations. Since 2000, GIZ has implemented more than 150 projects with an ICT focus, including around 40 in collaboration with the private sector.

Examples of our work


Information and communication technology (ICT) in detail

GIZ assists its partners to utilise information and communication technologies (ICT) effectively as tools to support political, economic and social development.

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