Sector Network Health and Social Protection Asia and Eastern Europe

The Sector Network Health and Social Protection Asia/Eastern Europe was formed as community of practice to support the regional and technical exchange of knowledge and experiences in the areas of health and social protection including cross-cutting issues such as inclusion and working with the private sector.

According to its specific regional focus, the sector network connects 29 projects and programmes in 17 Asian and Eastern European countries. Of these, 7 sector initiatives and 3 global programmes at GIZ headquarters are members in the sector network.

The sector network provides an excellent context for exchanging experiences and building bridges amongst GIZ staff on topics related to health and social protection. It also enhances the quality of planning and implementation for existing and new projects, and contributes to improvements in the GIZ service package (products).

Our Sector Network has the following main overarching objectives:

  • Joint, supra-national learning
  • Create added value for BMZ and partner institutions
  • Improving results orientation in the projects/programmes and the sector
  • Onboarding of new GIZ colleagues
  • Provide impulses for innovation