Social protection

At some point in life everyone will be exposed to risks that can drastically alter their social and economic standards of living. More than half of all people worldwide are uninsured against risks of this nature.

Insufficient social security can have a disastrous effect, especially on the poor. Yet a lack of social insurance can cause even those that are in a largely stable financial situation to fall into poverty. Moreover, social security systems are often coupled with formal employment situations. Most people in developing countries, however, are not in formal employment and thus do not have access to social insurance systems.

Besides the development and reform of existing systems, therefore, we also promote innovative approaches that enable previously excluded population groups to gain access to health services and social security. GIZ supports the development of social protection systems Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

Examples of our work


Global Alliances for Social Protection

This programme promotes dialogue, mutual learning and the exchange of knowledge and experience on a variety of social protection topics. Countries in focus are emerging economies such as Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa, as well as other interested countries like Chile, Peru and the Philippines.
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Social protection systems

Social health insurance schemes and basic social security systems cushion the impact of individual crises and financial emergencies, restoring the self-help capacity of people living in or threatened by poverty. GIZ ...

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Inclusive social protection

Persons with disabilities have the same rights as everyone else to protection from basic social and economic risks and to access appropriate services, regardless of their disability or gender. This website will help you to make this right a reality! 

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Advisory and service portfolio

Here you will find an overview of the technical and methodological services we offer.