More and better employment to sustainably reduce poverty

Decent work that provides a secure livelihood enables people to take charge of their own lives and participate in social and economic development. Worldwide, however, more than 200 million people are currently unemployed (ILO 2017). Around 783 million people – about one third of the world’s working population – have less than 3,10 US dollars a day at their disposal and are thus classified as ‘working poor’.

GIZ aims to improve their situation by supporting partner countries’ efforts to create jobs in the private sector, by developing labour market policy instruments, building institutional capacities, improving jobseekers’ employability through the provision of technical and vocational education and training, and promoting decent working conditions.


In the Palestinian territories the GIZ Programme to Promote Vocational Training and the Labour Market promotes integrated approaches to improve vocational training and education, employment and the labour market.

Using an integrated approach, the programme is supporting those institutions that offer vocational training and labour market services, and is working with various stakeholders in the vocational training sector throughout the Palestinian territories.

The programme has helped develop strategies for vocational training and the labour market that have already been adopted by the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The labour market strategy focuses on promoting youth employment and matches supply and demand on the labour market, laying the foundations for a system of vocational training that responds to labour market needs. Within the scope of the programme more than 500 vocational counsellors from all sections of the education system have undergone professional training to enable them to advise pupils and students in their final year of study. A new labour market information system has also been developed and is being used by the Palestinian Government to provide key information about the development of the labour market.


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