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Publications of the Sector Project “Employment Promotion in Development Cooperation”

 Handbook Employment (2017)

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Employment Promotion in Contexts of Conflict, Fragility and Violence. Opportunities and Challenges for Peacebuilding
Anette Hoffmann (2015)

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The Promotion of women’s employment in development cooperation
Christa Widmaier (2016)
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A Systematic Framework for Measuring Employment Impacts
Prof. Dr. Jochen Kluve und Jonathan Stöterau (2014)

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Green Jobs: Impacts of a Green Economy on Employment
Dr. Klaus Jacob, Rainer Quitzow und Holger Bär (2015)
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 Factsheet “The Integrated Approach to Employment Promotion” (2015)

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Measuring employment effects of technical cooperation interventions - Some methodological guidelines
Prof. Dr. Jochen Kluve with Hanka Boldemann and Dr. Eva Weidnitzer (2011)


Guidelines for an Employment and Labour Market Analysis (ELMA)
Dr. Annette Mummert (2014)

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 Handout “Employment and Labour Market Analysis (ELMA)” (2014)

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Is Small Still Beautiful? Literature Review of Recent Empirical Evidence on the Contribution of SMEs to Employment Creation
Jan de Kok, Claudia Deijl and Christi Veldhuis-Van Essen (2013)


Employment and Labour Market Policies in Times of Economic Crisis
Dr. Annette Mummert (2014)



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