Cooperation partners

GIZ Proklima works with government entities in developing countries and cooperates with several bi- and multilateral implementing agencies and industry.


International policy advice

  • Proklima advises the German Federal Ministries (BMZ and BMUB) within the framework of the Montreal Protocol and on issues regarding F-gases and refrigeration, air conditioning and foam within the framework of the international Climate Convention of the United Nations (UNFCCC).
  • On behalf of the German government, Proklima attends international negotiations and provides input to international bodies.
  • Proklima provides guidance for the development of international regulations.
  • Proklima works closely together with multilateral agencies such as UNEP, UNIDO, UNDP etc.

National advice and engagement with the public sector

  • Proklima advises ministries and governmental agencies on national ozone and climate strategies and sector reforms.
  • Proklima provides technical input to draft national law, regulations and guidelines.
  • Proklima assists institutes to set up certification schemes and national training programmes.
  • Proklima helps to identify suitable funding sources and to establish national funding mechanisms.

Private sector cooperation

  • Proklima initiates and establishes technology cooperations between technology providers and users with and within developing countries.
  • Proklima supports the know-how transfer and capacity development of environmentally and climate-friendly cooling and foam technologies.
  • Proklima works with end-users, such as supermarkets or hotels, to demonstrate and disseminate innovative and energy efficient technologies using natural refrigerants.
  • Proklima supports the servicing and maintenance sector through trainings and the strengthening of vocational training centres.
  • Proklima acts as a facilitator between stakeholders from the private and the public sector.

Working with the civil society

  • Proklima cooperates with global and national NGOs to create awareness about the environmental, economic and social benefits of the use of natural refrigerants.
  • Proklima establishes mechanisms to create awareness amongst consumers about the use of green cooling technologies and foster sustainable consumption in the cooling sectors.
  • Proklima develops communication material to engage media representatives within the promotion of green cooling technologies and ozone and climate friendly foam production.


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