Products and Materials

In the last years, Proklima published various material and information to support the progamme's activitites and projects. A selection of the most relevant and recent publications is available here:               

Brochures and factsheets


Cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary publications


Code of Practices for RAC* System Servicing (pdf, 0.17 MB, EN) Code de conduite des installations de RAC* (pdf, 0.18 MB, FR) Buenas Prácticas para mantener equipos de RAC* (pdf, 0.18 MB, ES) Código de Conduta: Manutenção em Sistemas RAC (pdf, 0.18 MB, PT) Code of Practices for RAC* System Servicing (pdf, 0.52 MB, FA) Code of Practices for RAC* System Servicing (pdf, 4.49 MB, CN) Code of Practices for RAC* System Servicing (pdf, 0.31 MB, RU) Milestones of the Montreal Protocol (pdf, 2.03 MB, EN)

Program flyer

Proklima – A GIZ-programme towards ozone layer and climate protection (pdf, 2.53 MB) Proklima – Um programa da GIZ voltado para a proteção da camada de ozônio e do clima (pdf, 2.20 MB, PT)

Fact sheets

Proklima – Protection of the ozone layer. Technology transfer in cooperation with private industry (pdf, 0.21 MB) Proklima – Green cooling for a warming world (pdf, 0.77 MB, EN) Cool and sustainable: Refrigeration and international cooperation (pdf, 1.61 MB, EN) Cool und nachhaltig: Kühlung in der internationalen Zusammenarbeit (pdf, 0.84 MB, DE)


Keeping it cool. Cooling – growth – climate change (pdf, 1.73 MB, EN) Cool bleiben. Das Spannungsfeld zwischen Wachstum, Kühlung und Klimawandel (pdf, 2.84 MB, DE) Garder son sang froid. Refroidissement – Croissance – Changement climatique (pdf, 2.08 MB, FR) ¡Mantengámonos frescos! Refrigeración – crecimiento – cambio climático (pdf, 3.51 MB, ES) Mantenha tudo gelado! Refrigeração – crescimento – mudanças climáticas (pdf, 0.65 MB, PT)

Activities and trainings


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