Technical Publications

Here you can download all technical handbooks published by Proklima. The handbooks are directed at technical experts, trainers and policy-makers, who are dealing with refrigeration, air-conditioning and foam technologies.

Management and Destruction of ozone depleting substances in ODS banks

The aim of the project "Managemente and Distruction of ODS banks" is to promote the reduction of emissions from ODS banks in the form of halogenated hydrocarbons - often stored in old appliances, foams and products - in developing countries and emerging economies. The project is building capacity at the national, regional and international level in order to register ODS banks, establish measurement, reporting and verification systems, and dispose of the ODS banks using low-emission methods.

Green Cooling Initiative (GCI)

The overall objective of the project "Green Cooling Initiative GCI" is to minimize the environmental and climate impact of private and commercial cooling supply. Key is the sector transformation towards green cooling technologies by leapfrogging from ozone depleting refrigerants to natural refrigerants and maximized energy efficiency. The GCI combines three key objectives: Promoting natural refrigerants & energy efficiency; establishing advanced training institutions & certification schemes and encouraging public & private climate finance for leverage.

Cool Contributions fighting Climate Change (C4)

The aim of the project "Cool Contributions fighting Climate Change (C4)" is to promote comprehensive international control of F-gases and to pool, harmonise, and strengthen cooperation between the many initiatives. At least six key partner countries will be supported in formulating their own reduction contributions, initiating transformation policies, breaking down barriers for using natural refrigerants, and strengthening coordinated action by international initiatives.

Cool NAMAs – Developing national mitigation strategies for refrigeration, air-conditioning and foam blowing

The overall objective of the project "Cool NAMAs" is to mobilize mitigation measures through the use of climate and environmental-friendly technology, using natural refrigerants, in the rapidly growing RAC&F sector.



Solar Cooling in Industry and Commerce (SCIC)

The goal of the project "Solar Cooling in Industry and Commerce (SCIC)" is to create a CO2-free refrigeration and air-conditioning sector. Instead, solar energy should be used as a sectoral mitigation strategy.

SV Proklima

SV Proklima provides technical and strategic support to partner countries in implementing provisions of the Montreal Protocol and other international agreements. To achieve this goal, SV Proklima advises the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), introduces environmental-friendly technologies for cooling and insulation, acquires ozone fund projects, and integrates the use and diffusion of ozone-, climate-, and environmental-friendly technologies.

HPMP Brazil

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Proklima supports emerging and developing countries in implementing their F-gas phase-out under the Montreal Protocol with its HCFC Phase-out Management Plan (HPMP). Measures include policy advice on the transition to climate-friendly and energy-efficient technologies in the refrigeration sector, the training of certified trainers and technology transfer.


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Website and fanpage Brazilian HCFC Phase Out Management Plan (HPMP)

The website “Best Practices in Refrigeration” provides information about current activities for the elimination of HCFCs in Brazil, including the Best Practice Training Programme for refrigeration technicians. The fanpage on facebook “Ozone Layer, Refrigeration and Climate” was launched by the initiative of GIZ PROKLIMA in order to allow for wide discussion of these issues on social networks.


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