Mobility Workshop

The date for this workshop has yet to be decided

Organizers: Arturo Ardila Gomez (World Bank) 

Speakers and projects: 

  • Veruschka Araes and Melkies Ausiku, LezGo (GIZ Namibia)
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As African cities witness a steep urbanisation rate, the question of transport sustainability has become a core discussion for local administrations. Urban transportation across the continent remains predominantly led by informal matatus / taxi buses or private rental companies. Galvanised by the global Uberisation trends, ride-hailing companies have enjoyed significant interested from the investor community and, since the COVID-10 outbreak, several such businesses have explored new avenues by expanding leveraging their fleets to enter the e-commerce and delivery market. Regulation around transport across Africa has been a hot topic in the past few years due to the fast rise in digital mobility companies from ride-hailing to carpooling and private buses. Some of the major markets such as Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa have in fact been pushing back by imposing fines or extra taxes on these companies.

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