Agriculture Workshop

The date for this workshop has yet to be decided

Organizers: Christian Merz (GIZ) and Ananth Gudipati (WFP) 

Speaker and projects: 

  • Sieka Gatabaki (Digifarm) – Mercy Corps 
  • Rikin Ghandi (Digital Green) – FarmStack 
  • Parmesh Shah (World Bank) – One Million Farmer Initative 
  • Himanshu Verma (GIZ India) – niceSSM 
2.0GIZ Map Agriculture (1)

Agriculture in Africa still employs around 60% of the population and the continent remains predominantly rural. With less than 10% of total capital deployed in 2020 going to agriculture and agtech companies (data from Briter Intelligence, Q4 2020), agriculture is offering an untapped room for opportunities ranging from food production to crowdfunding for farms. Africa’s food imports have spiked over the past two decades to keep up with the fast population growth.
While digital startups have been proliferating across the continent, it is only a handful of organisations which have managed to reach critical mass and scale and expand to other markets. Digital solutions for farm management have become popular, especially when able to syncronise connected devices for measurement and crop health monitoring and geospatial technology such as drones for precision agriculture.

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