Green Education

Waste management in Peru. Copyright GIZ / Ecolegios
Copyright GIZ / Ecolegios

Education for Sustainable Development increases awareness of the links between environmental, economic and social development and lays the foundation for responsible behaviour. In this context, ‘green education’ specifically promotes environmentally sustainable behaviour.

Education for Sustainable Development and green education support early childhood education, education both within and outside schools and global knowledge cooperation projects. Through this they promote the skills that enable individuals to support processes of change. Through global and lifelong learning, education therefore has a role to play in supporting both individuals and societies to achieve sustainable development.

A successful case study

Since 2011, GIZ has been working in Peru on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) on the ECOLEGIOS project. ECOLOGIOS links practical environmental teaching methods with the use of environmentally efficient technologies in schools. The whole school community is involved as students develop their own environmental education project. These can be measures to save water, work on school gardens or waste management to boost the school’s efficiency in the areas of water, energy and waste. Furthermore, teachers receive technical and methodological training and have access to environmental education materials via a virtual platform.


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