Creating prospects

Creating prospects © GIZ

The reasons people leave their homes are varied, and they often overlap. Many people simply no longer see any prospects there for themselves and their children. Creating prospects for the future in these countries is therefore a priority area of GIZ's work, to ensure that people are no longer forced to leave but can decide of their own free will whether or not they wish to migrate. We help achieve this for instance by improving the food supply, opening up training and job prospects, and supporting economic development.


Following decades of conflict, Afghanistan is one of the world’s poorest countries. High unemployment and low incomes shape the economic landscape. Every year, 500,000 additional young women and men enter a labour market that offers a bleak outlook. Faced with this lack of prospects, many Afghans consider leaving their home country.

Support from companies and tailored continuing professional development


The economic situation in northern Afghanistan is difficult. As in the rest of the country, well over half of Afghans work in informal agricultural jobs with low wages. By providing business development and employment promotion programmes on behalf of the German Government, GIZ is helping to create jobs in the region and to offer people a livelihood and prospects. By the end of 2016, over 12,000 people will have benefited from the programmes. Many of them are dairy farmers who have been able to increase their milk production and help revive the Afghan dairy industry. Others, such as Ahmad Sayar Muqim, are benefiting from tailored continuing professional development services. Today, he works as a production manager at the Pakiza Dairy in Mazar-e Sharif.




Together with the private sector and industry, GIZ helps young people find educational opportunities in professions with good employment prospects.



In cooperation with local partners, GIZ develops advisory services that support entrepreneurs in setting up and consolidating their companies.