Procurement management of anti-tuberculosis drugs

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The objective of the Global Drug Facility is to ensure that sensitive goods such as medical drugs are delivered quickly and safely to wherever they are urgently needed. To this end, GIZ IS has set up a transparent and effective procurement management system.

Title: Procurement management of anti-tuberculosis drugs
Commissioned by: WHO on behalf of the Global Drug Facility
Financier: WHO
Country: Supra-regional
Overall term: December 2006 to December 2012
Project volume: EUR 200 million

Tuberculosis is a global health problem. Although tuberculosis is curable, around 1.4 million peo-ple worldwide died of the infectious disease in 2010. In many countries high-quality drugs are not available or the funds that would be needed to procure them are not available.

To provide tuberculosis sufferers with guaranteed access to effective diagnosis, treatment and cure.

The Stop-TB Partnership was set up with the WHO as lead organisation in 1998; in 2001 the Global Drug Facility (GDF) was founded as an initiative of the Stop-TB Partnership. The declared objective of the GDF is to facilitate access to and availability of high-quality anti-TB drugs worldwide. The GDF acts as an interface for demand for drugs, in addition to supply and monitoring.

GIZ IS is exclusive partner to the WHO for procurement of first-line anti-tuberculosis drugs. There are essentially two different types of procurement: either through financial grants and subsidies (funding provided by the GDF), or through directly funded procurement (financed by other donors). GIZ IS is respon-sible for tendering processes, contract negotiations, purchasing, supply and delivery of the drugs.

Results achieved so far
GIZ has established a successful routine for the global supply of first-line anti-TB products, giving tuberculosis patients worldwide access to high-quality anti-TB drugs.


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