Functional expertise

Our services include managing complex processes, technical consultancy, education and training, and also procurement and funding management. These modules form part of our business model and can be combined as required. They are available to sectors as part of the capacity development management programme.

Programme management with capacity development

In line with our programme management approach involving capacity development we offer a range of service modules, each of which addresses a specific set of tasks, but can also be flexibly combined with other modules. This enables us to create a customised range of services in line with actual needs.

One of the major benefits we offer our clients comes from our unique capacity development approach. We provide know-how and experience from a wide range of technical fields and support people on the ground in acquiring their own specialised knowledge as well as the relevant management and negotiation skills. Combined with capacity development and local employment opportunities, this creates sustainable added value for our customers.


Margot Eichinger