Solutions for sustainable infrastructure management

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The construction sector is a key sector for economic development in many countries. Building projects create urgently needed housing, transport links and public infrastructure in fields such as health and education. At the same time, creating local jobs and training opportunities in the construction sector can help to alleviate poverty. This is also of fundamental importance in the context of reconstruction following crises and conflicts, and in rapidly growing cities and regions.

International Services develops and implements major infrastructure programmes and projects at any level required in the form of 'in-house capacity'. By introducing efficient processes and technology, we help the local construction industry become more effective and competitive. Projects are implemented based on the principle of efficient, visualised project steering. Using cost-cutting technology and alternative building materials as well as training local companies and experts develops the local infrastructure and provides a long-term boost for the economy. Capacity development forms an integral part of all planning and construction activities, ensuring that measures are implemented sustainably and the competitiveness of local businesses is increased. Capacity development is therefore not merely an ancillary activity, but the driving force and impetus behind the implementation of infrastructure measures.

Our Services include:

  • Overall management and steering of mega and major construction projects
  • Setting up and maintaining overall project steering as well as taking on the management and steering of individual project levels and components
  • Developing and implementing institutional capacity development measures
  • Drawing up technical plans and supervising a variety of project levels
    • The use of cost-cutting technology and alternative building materials
    • Planning and implementing material procurement procedures
    • Construction management and supervision
    • Preparing and conducting contract award procedures
    • Contract, supplementary work and change management
    • Financial management
  • Corruption-free implementation of construction projects in a development context


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