Development of the Ndougou Department

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Title: Project for the development of the Ndougou Department
Commissioned by: Shell Gabon / Ministry for Investment Promotion in Public Works, Transport, Habitat, and Tourism; responsible for Regional Planning (MPITPTHTAT)
Financier: Shell Gabon / MPITPTHTAT
Country: Gabonese Republic
Overall term: 07/2011 - 12/2014
Project volume: EUR 26.4 million


Gamba, a remote city with around 10,000 inhabitants in south-western Gabon, is one of Shell’s most important areas for onshore oil production in the country. The area, which borders two national parks, is currently only accessible by boat or plane. This isolation results in extremely high costs of living and slow economic development.


Gamba and the Ndougou department are made accessible via a connection to the national road network. This leads to an increased exchange of goods and materials, lower prices and higher mobility, resulting in improved economic and social conditions for the inhabitants. Local small and medium-sized construction companies will be professionalised and receive training, increasing their capacity and creating jobs.


GIZ IS is planning and supervising construction, which is being carried out mainly by small and medium-sized Gabonese companies. The companies are also receiving support in the fields of financial management, project planning and technical construction issues. In addition, an accompanying rural development fund will promote the implementation of participatory development measures in the neighboring communities.


  • Technical study on the feasibility and design of the road and the bridge 
  • Environmental impact assessment 
  • Tendering, evaluation and contracting of local construction 
  • Overall project management, quality assurance and supervision of construction 
  • On-the job and formal training on business planning, financial management, tendering procedures, road construction and application of environmental and health standards 
  • Managing a fund for local development 


  • Construction of a road (53 km) and a bridge (55m) that comply with international environmental standards 
  • The local construction industry is strengthened and professionalised on a sustainable basis  
  • Creation of around 200 jobs during the construction period (approx. two years) 
  • Improved living conditions and potential for local economic development 
  • Drinking water supplies, agriculture, fisheries and tourism in the communities bordering the road are improved 


Jean-Luc Mathey