Setting up a college with an In-Service Training Centre in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Saudi-Arabia. Vocational technical college students in Yanbu © GIZ

Title: Project for setting up a vocational tech college with an In-Service Training Centre in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
Commissioned by: Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC)
Financier: TVTC
Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Overall term: 05/2012 - 07/2015
Project volume: EUR 6.0 million

Saudi Arabia is committed to tackling its high youth unemployment rate, which derives mainly from a mismatch between available training programmes and requirements of the labour market. One of the cornerstones is the preparation of technical trainers to global standards. GIZ IS was asked to provide management staff to help build and operate a brand-new college campus with excellent facilities for about 1,200 trainees in Yanbu Al Bahr, as well as to establish an In-Service Training Centre for the technical trainers at the college. The GIZ management team should operate this enterprise in conjunction with the Teacher Training College (TTC) of Riyadh trainers.

The overall goal is to set up a college with a teaching and learning environment driven by industry needs, which operates at the highest efficiency and can serve as a replicable model for the Saudi vocational system. It is intended to establish close links with the industry by developing and conducting the training according to industry needs. In the future, industry staff will have the opportunity to train at Yanbu College of Applied Technology (YCAT) facilities.

GIZ IS implements innovative training management at the college. Cutting-edge plans to equip labs and workshops are determined and an effective and flexible college administration is built up. There is a strong emphasis on outreach to local industry to ensure that programmes are relevant and lead to employment. Trainers receive comprehensive support and coaching for their professional development. Effective and flexible administrative structures will be built up, as well as target oriented and economic human resources management. In this context, trainers should be involved in administrative processes. Through this an optimization of operations should be achieved. Trainers should be empowered to improve daily working operations according to general targets and strategies of the college. The YCAT training program is oriented strongly towards the needs of the local labour market. The training concept should be comprised of an ideal preparation for employment. This strong orientation to the job market ensures the successful transition from school to work.


  • Conceptualization and set up of an English language medium college with a Foundation year program
  • General management and operation of the Yanbu College of Applied Technology 
  • Planning and further developments of labs and workshops
  • Revising existing curricula 
  • Drafting and designing and implementation of guidelines and processes
  • Assisting trainers in developing teaching materials
  • Establishing partnerships with local industry partners to improve our training program
  • Developing training services for the regional industry based on their demands


  • Study plans were written and successfully achieved 
  • Training guidelines and rules were developed and implemented
  • We currently have over 800 trainees enrolled in 8 specializations
  • There are now 90 trainees in Trimester 8 from our first intake who are participating in an obligatory cooperative training module.
  • A Final English assessment exam was introduced at the end of the Three Trimester Foundation year.