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Environmental management

| Inside the company, as in our

projects, we accept environmental responsibility and strive

to protect the environment, make efficient use of resources

and encourage staff and partners to participate in our envi-

ronmental management activities. This is laid out in GIZ’s

environmental mission statement. GIZ is also involved in

numerous environmental initiatives, including Biodiversity

in Good Company, B.A.U.M. e.V. and the Umweltforum Rhein-

Main e.V.

An overarching environmental programme lays out

specific targets and measures for our environmental man-

agement. For instance GIZ wants to become completely

‘climate neutral’ at all German locations. Our activities aim

firstly to reduce emissions, secondly to replace fossil fuels

with renewable energy and thirdly to offset unavoidable

emissions. Since 2014, all GIZ offices in Germany have

bought in only green power. One hundred per cent of carbon

dioxide emissions produced by our German offices have

been offset by the purchase of climate certificates to the

highest international standards.

Another good example is our waste management

concept for disposing of old computers, monitors and other

IT appliances. Rather than throwing them away, GIZ has

since 2013 worked with the non-profit business AfB social

& green IT. AfB picks up damaged or second-hand hard-

ware, which it then repairs and sells

on. About half of AfB’s workforce

of 180 are people with disabili-

ties, who thus have a regular

job. By cooperating with AfB

and restoring older equipment

to working order, GIZ is help-

ing reduce emissions and

energy consumption.

GIZ also produces annual envi-

ronmental audits at practically all German

locations. These are incorporated in our sustainability

reporting. They indicate trends in resource consumption and

environmental impacts, and identify any corrective mea-

sures needed. At 90 or so locations in partner countries, GIZ

is also increasingly using the Corporate Sustainability

Handprint to record environmental data and other sustain-

ability factors, and is working to steadily improve perfor-

mance in these fields. Standards established in Germany

are applied worldwide as far as possible. Here GIZ relies on

voluntary commitments. The Mexico office for instance initi-

ated a scheme to ensure the proper handling of electrical

and hazardous waste, and identified suitable recycling com-

panies to this end. As in Germany, unusable batteries, elec-

trical appliances and ink cartridges are disposed of safely

and recycled wherever possible.

To further enhance the transparency and clarity of our

environmental management practices, we have had our Bonn

and Eschborn offices, as well as the GIZ’s Berlin Representa-

tion, audited in line with the European Union’s exacting Eco-

Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) since 2013. Under

the scheme, GIZ undertakes to systematically reduce nega-

tive environmental impacts, especially in the fields of

energy and materials efficiency, water, waste and emissions.

EMAS ensures compliance with all environmental regula-

tions and guarantees staff participation as well as the pro-

vision of information to the general public. Environmental

teams at our individual locations draw up local environmen-

tal programmes with targets, measures and deadlines for

implementation. EMAS not only audits environmental perfor-

mance, however. Internal and external audits also look at

such factors as safety at work. The 2014 audit, like its

predecessor, gave rise to no complaints. Indeed positive

mention was made of the fact that environmental manage-

ment is genuinely part of GIZ life, and that the new GIZ

buildings in Bonn and Eschborn were planned to comply

with the extensive requirements of the German Sustainable

Building Council (DGNB). 


// Germany and worldwide

Taking responsibility for achieving

ecological balance

GIZ environmental management:

 // AfB social & green IT:

Sustainability reporting:

 // Corporate Sustainability Handprint:

Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS):

 // German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB):


of carbon dioxide

emissions at our

German offices

are offset.

GIZ Integrated Company Report 2014



Protecting the environment and natural resources