Sustainable event management

Events offer an opportunity to make all three dimensions of practical sustainability – social responsibility, ecological balance and economic capability – a reality. 

Many measures taken as part of sustainable event management can also be transferred directly to the office environment, increasing sustainability across the company. GIZ has introduced minimum standards for sustainable event management. These standards specify binding practical measures to be implemented in future at events in Germany and Brussels. They include informing all guests about environmentally friendly travel options and using digital applications for invitation management to reduce paper consumption. If caterers provide meat, this must be organic, while tea and coffee must be Fairtrade certified and bottled water must be replaced with tap water. Furthermore, for all events with 100 or more participants, GHG emissions must be recorded and offset. For GIZ locations in our partner countries, these standards are intended as a guideline that can be adapted in line with their specific context. A number of countries have already developed specific regional guidelines.