A future for young people – more permanent job prospects in Tunisia 14.08.2017 – A drywall apprenticeship or a Star Wars tour guide: An employment fund is implementing a wide array of projects designed to improve job opportunities for Tunisia’s young people
Virtual university network: access to higher education for indigenous peoples in Latin America 09.08.2017 – More than 1,400 graduates from 19 countries have already participated in the e-learning courses offered by the Indigenous Intercultural University (IIU).
Triple Win: one-thousandth nurse starts work in Germany 31.07.2017 – While Germany has a shortage of qualified nurses, in some other countries there are not enough jobs for them. An effective programme offers a solution.
Nicaragua: a water turbine brings sustainable electricity and new life to the village of Ocote Tuma 27.07.2017 – Ten years ago, the people of Ocote Tuma started operating a hydropower plant. They have had electricity ever since – and their lives have changed completely.
Annual press conference: ‘Creating stability means creating prospects’ 17.07.2017 – GIZ presents its Company Report in Berlin today. Crisis prevention and stabilisation are becoming ever more important in the company’s work.
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