Manager Training Programme: building global business contacts and new skills 22.06.2017 – More than 11,000 managers from around the world have so far benefited from training in Germany.
Chad: Improving the food supply for refugees and host communities 20.06.2017 – World Refugee Day: Weirs are helping to increase harvest yields and improve the food supply for refugees and local communities in Chad.
Malawi: Boosting sustainability with solar lamps and energy-efficient stoves 19.6.2017 – Energy partnership promotes the use of energy-efficient cooking stoves and high-quality solar lamps.
Northern Iraq: clean drinking water for refugees 14.06.2017 – Refugees and host communities now have access to clean drinking water as wells and drinking water supply systems are built or upgraded.
AFRIKA KOMMT!: Young managers from Africa in German companies 13.06.2017 – The German private sector initiative has achieved a new record with nearly 6,000 applicants from 45 countries.
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