Albania: Building a future at home thanks to vocational training 27.04.2017 – Modern curricula, a focus on job market demands and lots of practice: A vocational training school’s high quality teaching is carving out good career prospects for its students.
Drought in the Horn of Africa: Support for the Ethiopian population 25.04.2017 – Ethiopia is affected by severe drought. New rainwater storage techniques help the population to deal with dry spells better.
Nigeria: better rice harvests mean more food and higher income 19.04.2017 – Smallholder farmers in Nigeria are increasing their income with the help of an international rice initiative. Higher yields and better quality are making the country less dependent on expensive rice imports.
Sustainable cocoa from West Africa 11.04.2017 – More and more confectionery in Germany is made from sustainably produced cocoa – a trend that augurs well for cocoa farmers and their families.
Better health care 05.04.2017 – Citizens in Nepal are benefiting from recently introduced health insurance. German support has helped the country fill a healthcare gap.
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