World Climate Conference: Towards a better climate 27 November 2015 - Floods, droughts, storms and heatwaves – natural disasters are occurring with greater regularity and having a more devastating impact than ever before. That’s one reason why GIZ is increasingly working on behalf of the German Government in the field of climate change mitigation. Vera Scholz explains how successful its efforts have been.
Our clothing – a fair deal? 23.11.2015 - Bangladesh sews the world’s clothes – and what citizens, governments and the private sector can do to help seamstresses earn a decent living from their work was the topic of the ‘Development Forum’.
New issue of GIZ's magazine 'akzente' now available 23 November 2015 – Refugees and migration are dominating social debates within Europe. And this is also the focus of the new issue of akzente.
Electric power - driving development in Kundus, Afghanistan 18 November 2015 – Today some 200,000 Afghans can rely on a stable power supply
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A digital urban society 30.11.2015 | Bonn
Soil – A Vital Resource 03.12.2015 | Berlin
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