Annual press conference: ‘Creating stability means creating prospects’ 17.07.2017 – GIZ presents its Company Report in Berlin today. Crisis prevention and stabilisation are becoming ever more important in the company’s work.
Better learning environments for schoolchildren in Jordan 13.07.2017 – By the end of 2019, around 24,000 schoolchildren will benefit from modernised schools – including many children who have fled from Syria and Iraq.
Viruses know no borders – taking a global health perspective 06.07.2017 – Good health is essential for sustainable development. A flexible team of experts supports countries in stopping the spread of infectious diseases.
Cashew Initiative – a role model for development in Africa 29.06.2017 – More than 430,000 farmers are benefiting from higher incomes and yields. Around 22,000 new jobs in cashew processing have also been created.
Ethiopia: making space for education 27.06.2017 – This East African country has quadrupled its student population. All of the buildings were constructed efficiently and quickly.
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