Greece goes for green energy 13.09.2017 – Greece is reforming its energy sector with ambitious goals that will also boost environmental quality and curb climate change.
Making a fresh start back home: support for returnees 06.09.2017 – Advisory services and training courses enhance the job prospects of refugees and migrants returning to their homeland.
Improved healthcare for refugees in northern Iraq 29.08.2017 – Medical care for refugees and IDPs is improving thanks to new and expanded health centres in northern Iraq.
Water companies in Latin America are cutting greenhouse gas emissions 23.08.2017 – Energy-saving water purification methods in Peru and Mexico are protecting the climate and cutting costs.
A future for young people – more permanent job prospects in Tunisia 14.08.2017 – A drywall apprenticeship or a Star Wars tour guide: An employment fund is implementing a wide array of projects designed to improve job opportunities for Tunisia’s young people
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Tagesspiegel/GIZ: From Panama to Africa – combating corruption 27.09.2017 | Verlagshaus Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin
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