Clean drinking water for people in Kenya thanks to digitisation 08.12.2016 – MajiData – a public database for improving water supply and sanitation
Resilient societies thanks to development assistance 02.12.2016 – 5 December is International Volunteer Day. Volunteers are helping to realise the global Sustainable Development Goals – for example in biodiversity projects.
Biodiversity: Essential factor for human well-being 01.12.2016 – The 13th UN Biodiversity Conference is taking place from 4 to 17 December in Cancún, Mexico.
Using smartphones to combat climate change 28.11.2016 – The Pacific Islands are particularly hard hit by climate change. Smartphone apps are helping people there protect themselves from natural disasters.
Protecting people is the top priority 11.11.2016 – Better Migration Management focuses on protecting migrants from human traffickers and people smugglers.
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