Climate-friendly transport in Chinese cities 20.10.2016 – Traffic in China’s cities is steadily increasing. GIZ is advising the country on how to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and make the transport sector more climate friendly.
A future for Syria’s children 19.10.2016 – United Nations Day is on 24 October. Olaf Kjørven explains how UNICEF is helping protect child refugees and what role partners such as GIZ can play.
A sustainable mobility roadmap for Namibia’s capital 18.10.2016 – The City of Windhoek is upgrading its local public transport infrastructure in order to reduce pollution and address some of its social and economic problems.
GIZ accredited by Green Climate Fund 17.10.2016 – Improving local climate change mitigation, adapting to the impacts of climate change: GIZ can now apply for project financing from the fund.
Habitat III: a new agenda for the cities of tomorrow 13.10.2016 – The third global conference in Ecuador is just around the corner. GIZ will be presenting successful solutions for achieving sustainable urban development.
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Climate change – our last chance. Will we pull it off? 31.10.2016 | Verlag Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin
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