Emergency Mass Notification System

Important note: the EMNS is available in selected countries only. The information below is only valid for these countries and its staff participating.

GIZ takes the security of our staff and partner employees very seriously. Our AtHoc EMNS will make sure you:


Stay Safe - Receive emergency alerts on your mobile app, either by automated phone call or SMS so you will know the best course of action

Stay Connected - Share your status and location, so we know you are safe

Stay informed - Get reliable information when it matters most

The EMNS will enable us to notify staff of any significant threats to their safety and will enable employees to keep us informed about where they are and whether they require further assistance.

What is AtHoc?

The Blackberry AtHoc EMNS sends registered users emergency warnings and other critical information, such as hazardous road conditions, reporting delays and office closures due to severe weather. The notifications are mostly local, but may also be nationwide or regional.

The system notifies users in several ways: as an email to work and private addresses, a text message to their cell phone as well as automated phone calls to their work, home and cell phones. There is also a smartphone AtHoc application available for download.

This is vital: keep your information up to date. If you move to a new office or get a new personal cell number, make sure to go into the AtHoc Self Service portal and update your current information. AtHoc is effective in reaching community members by providing critical information in real time, but its success depends on the users input. 

The limitation of the system lies in the dependency on communication infrastructure, i.e network and data coverage or phone lines.

The system will try to reach the device the user specified in their user profile; which will enable the operator to use appropriate means of communication.

Who must register?

The Athoc EMNS is not optional. If the system has been established in a country it is a GIZ Headquarters requirement to have the contact information provided by the user thereby fulfilling the requirements of GIZ’s Security Risk Management.

All GIZ staff members (IMA, AMA, EH, CIM, NP, interns, trainees) who have a GIZ email account are automatically registered into the EMNS with their basic information. However, action is needed from their side to make it operational.

Contractor personnel as well as short-term consultants and consultancies working in a contractual relationship with or for GIZ are required to make use of the system. They need to register via email with the regional security risk management offices (SRMO) prior to use the system.

Programme and project partners as well as staff dependents are not covered by the system.

The use of the AtHoc smartphone app is voluntary for GIZ staff members. However, the use of the self-service portal to fill in all the relevant information regarding the current whereabouts is mandatory for all GIZ staff members.

Registration Procedures for contractors and consultants

STEP 1: Follow the link at the bottom of this webpage to login using your assigned account. Staff should use the ‘GIZ Staff Login’ to enter the self-service portal. EMNS Operators (Security Risk Management Advisors and Country Security Focal Points) should use the ‘GIZ Operator Login’. 

STEP 2: Login with your GIZ user name and password.

STEP 3: Select the My Profile tab and update your basic information

STEP 4: Scroll down to the Numbers section and enter your work phone and email. If you have a GIZ issued mobile phone, enter that number under Phone-Mobile and Text Messaging. You also have the option of entering a home phone and email address. If you do not have a GIZ issued mobile phone, you can enter a personal cell number as well. It is strongly suggested that you provide as many communication channels as possible: security incidents do not keep regular working hours.

STEP 5: Enter your duty station ‘city’ and office address. You may also voluntarily enter your private address.

STEP 6: Save.

STEP 7: The structure of the EMNS-System (VPS-Structure) in general complies with the organizational division structure of GIZ. To begin with you are assigned to the VPS “unassigned users”. As soon you have access to the system, you need to move your profile from the “unassigned user” VPS to the one you are posted to; e.g. “Germany”. If you are travelling from one VPS Structure to another one, all staff must move their profile. Open your profile, click on change organization and choose the VPS you are travelling to. An overview of the GIZ’s VPS structure is available in GIZ’s Intranet-Service-Corporate Security-Emergency Mass Notification System.

STEP 8: Save.


How to login as contractor/consultant

At the moment contractors/consultants cannot make use of the self-service. You need to provide all emergency contact information and updates (e.g. change of phone number or duty station) to your SRMO. However, the mobile app can be accessed once the SRMO has entered your e-mail into the EMNS. We strongly recommend this to you as with the app you’re able to make use of the check-in.

AtHoc mobile app registration procedures and download (iOS & Android)

STEP 1: Make sure you have a working GIZ email account or are registered with the SRMO as contractor/external.

STEP 2: Download the “Blackberry AtHoc app (NOT “Blackberry AtHoc Dynamics”) from the Apple or Google store.

STEP 3: When the download is completed, open the application and enter the email address associated with your account.

STEP 4: AtHoc will send a verification email to confirm your address. In the email, click ‘Verify Now’. Due to security considerations on many of the current email systems, you may need to copy the link from your verification email into the address bar of your Web browser in order to connect and verify the email address.

STEP 5: Return to the application and add the GIZ EMNS AtHoc organization code: GIZ











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