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Governance and democracy

A peaceful and productive society is based on effective state institutions. Good governance in this sense means effective and efficient structures which provide optimal support to citizens in leading a safe and productive life in line with their desires and opportunities. Essentially, this involves a combination of democracy, the social welfare state and the rule of law.

Promotion of good governance goes beyond the government sector and includes all relevant actors from the private sector and society. The aims: To balance interests and focus on common goals, particularly reducing poverty and providing access to state services for all. To make administrative structures participative, efficient and solution oriented.

People with suitcases and a barrier schematically depicted and written information about refugees.

People with suitcases houses and tents schematic and written information to support internally displaced persons.

Walking people of whom one is carrying a suitcase and a house schematically depicted and written information on how to deal with returnees.

People and houses depicted as schemes and information on host communities.

GIZ assists its partners in establishing democratic systems and networks across all social groups, as a way of identifying relevant solutions to political, economic and social challenges. We advise at every political level – national, regional and local – and contribute our experience to the institutional reform processes. Respect for human rights and gender equality are central elements in this.

GIZ is active in the field of administration, law and justice, offers effective strategies in the struggle against corruption, and promotes responsible use of public finances. In fragile states, it supports the establishment of the security sector. We do this by providing customised services from a single source. We expand the capability of existing institutions, so that they can manage processes themselves – effectively and efficiently. The benefits are obvious: the future is manageable. We advise you, so you can take control yourself.


*The results data outlined here relate to the review year 2021.

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  • Democracy and state structures

    Citizens are demanding the right to have their say and access to public services. GIZ advises governments that are responding to these demands.

    Democracy and state structures

  • Gender equality

    Gender equality can only be achieved by securing change at many levels. This is why GIZ’s support ranges from policy advice to media training.

    Gender equality

  • Human rights

    To enable everybody to live with dignity, GIZ is working to strengthen human rights. Its partners are states and civil society.

    Human rights

  • Legal and judicial systems

    The rule of law underpins development. Support for the legal system is therefore a key issue for international cooperation.

    Legal and judicial systems

  • Public finances

    GIZ supports ministries, administrative bodies and non-state actors in shaping public finance reforms. The objective is the more effective use of public resources.

    Public finances

  • Policy dialogue and e-governance

    Digital information and communication technologies improve transparency in governance and facilitate participation by citizens.

    Policy dialogue and e-governance

  • Resource governance in the extractive sector

    Many developing countries have a wealth of mineral deposits. GIZ promotes the responsible use of these resources.

    Resource governance in the extractive sector

  • Urban and regional development

    Urban development relies on balancing different interests. GIZ supports joint solutions between administrations and civil society.

    Urban and regional development

  • Administration and integrity

    GIZ works to ensure that administrations work efficiently and with integrity to provide citizens with access to public services.

    Administration and integrity

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