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Corporate newsletters

Impulses from international cooperation

This newsletter inform about a series of publications by GIZ that provide input on current and relevant topics in international cooperation. They are brief and concise for quick reading.

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The ‘GIZ-News’ newsletter keeps you up to date on GIZ and its work. Each edition focuses on a specific topic. It is published one to three times a year in German.

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GIZ compass

The ‘GIZ compass’ newsletter provides information on GIZ’s work with a focus on our cooperation with the EU in Europe and around the world. It is published one to three times a year in English.

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Rural Development

Up to date Information from Division Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for GIZ corporate staff, consultants and staff of other development organisations.

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Anti-Corruption and Integrity

On behalf of the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, this newsletter informs on current debates, publications and events in the field of anti-corruption and integrity.

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The quarterly Newsletter provides news on technical support for using the funding opportunities of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

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Circular economy and waste management

The Newsletter covers issues ranging from municipal, industrial, e-waste and hazardous waste management through circular economy up to resource efficiency. The Newsletter aims to improve the exchange of information between GIZ colleagues and with colleagues from other organisations.

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Earth Observation and Geoinformation

The newsletter informs recipients about current developments in the field of geoinformation and earth observation in development cooperation.

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The Energy Newsletter provides information on GIZ’s work on energy and climate protection with updates on current projects, events and publications. This newsletter is published four times a year.

Past editions

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This newsletter is published monthly and aims to provide interested reader with quick and regular information on key debates, activities and events related to international trade relations.

Past editions

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Climate change, environmental policy, forests and biodiversity

This newsletter provides information on GIZ’s work with the focus on: climate change, environmental policy, forests and biodiversity. Past editions

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Sustainable sanitation

This newsletter is published annually and contains news on the topic sustainable sanitation.

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Oceans and Coasts

The Newsletter provides a summary of current facts and successes as well as announcements of plans and events in the near future.

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Extractives for Development

The newsletter provides information on key developments and findings in the extractives ector, including on topics such as human rights, climate, environment, energy, global supply chains and public finances.

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Spo(r)tlight on!

The S4D newsletter ‘Spo(r)tlight on!’ illustrates the progress using the positive power of sports to improve the lives of children and young people in our partner countries.

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Transport and Mobility

This newsletter aims to provide current information on GIZ’s work in the field of transport and mobility and also provides an overview of new projects, events and publications.

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GIZ Russland

The ‘GIZ in Russia’ newsletter provides information on GIZ’s work in Russia. It is published four or six times a year in Russian and German.
(Информационный бюллетень (англ. Newsletter) «GIZ в России» рассказывает о деятельности проектов, реализуемых GIZ в Российской Федерации. Он выходит от 4 до 6 раз в год на русском и немецком языках.)

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ABS New Digest

The ABS Capacity Development Initiative digest provides you with information on recent developments and publications related to Access and Benefit-sharing on a weekly basis. Some articles are available in French.

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ARISE Plus Cambodia

The newsletter reports on current developments in our support to the government of Cambodia to improve the environment for international trade and ASEAN integration.

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CCPS – Center for Cooperation with the Private Sector

Updates from the Center for Cooperation with the Private Sector, a unit of four regional/global programmes that support development for employment, skills, economic growth and the sustainable use of natural resources in South Africa.

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Connect Asia

The newsletter informs about activities of the SRECA projects and delivers news on developments in the field of trade, cross-border economic cooperation and integration in Asia.

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Energy in China

Current information on developments in China's energy policy and economy.

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Energie et Climat Tunisie

News from the Energy and Climate cluster in Tunisia on renewable energies, energy efficiency and climate change.


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Financial Inclusion MENA

The Financial Inclusion MENA Newsletter informs about activities and impacts of the progamme “Promotion of the Microfinance Sector in the MENA Region (MFMR).” It also enhances knowledge exchange across partner organizations through information on sector-specific developments as well as prior and upcoming events from the region and beyond. The newsletter is published by the MFMR programme on behalf of the BMZ and the European Union.

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Green Innovation

The Green Innovation newsletter brings you the latest of agricultural innovations and transformative interventions in the wheat, legumes and honey value chains in Ethiopia.

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Climate-friendly Electricity Market in the ECOWAS Region (ProCEM)

Information on key activities, major results achieved, and regional events conducted under the regional ProCEM programme. ProCEM is a multi-donor intervention in the ECOWAS region (German government through BMZ and EU) which includes the AGoSEREE-AO project. Focus is on promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as functionality of the regional electricity market.

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Inclusive Business Newsletter and Updates

Inclusive Business Newsletter and Updates provides an overview of the latest publications, upcoming events and open calls for applications on the topic of inclusive business.

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Indo-German Biodiversity

The newsletter updates you with the latest developments and recent publications from the different projects of the biodiversity programme of India.

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IKI Alliance Mexico

Our newsletter informs you about IKI projects and events in Mexico.

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IKI projects in Central America and Caribbean

The newsletter informs on current activities and results of IKI projects in Central America and the Caribbean.


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lab of tomorrow

The lab of tomorrow newsletter informs about developments of current projects and shares trends from the private sector cooperation.

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Low Emission Development & Renewable Energy

The newsletter provides you with up-to-date information on German initiatives relating to climate and energy policy in the MENA Region. It is published quarterly.

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Natural Resources Stewardship

News on stewardship in natural resource management, improved livelihoods and economic growth, based on experiences from the Natural Resources Stewardship Programme (NatuReS)

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Nexus dialogues

Current information on the interlinkages between Water, Energy, and Food Security, the so called WEF-Nexus, such as jobs, events, research; and the Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme.

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Perspectives for Eastern Ukraine

This newsletter provides an overview of GIZ activities in Eastern Ukraine, including impacts and upcoming events.

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Pan African University – German Cooperation Programme

The quarterly newsletter from the GIZ Project ‘Support to the Pan African University and PAUWES’ highlighting the milestones and results of the processes in the support to our partners.

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Sino-German Industrie 4.0

The Sino-German Industrie 4.0 Newsletter informs you about recent developments and Sino-German cooperation projects in the context of Industrie 4.0 / intelligent manufacturing in China.

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Skilled Crafts

The newsletter informs about current developments in the Skilled Crafts project, which promotes cooperation between the German and African business sectors in the framework of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) together with the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH).

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Urbanisation in China

The newsletter provided by the Sino-German Urbanisation Partnership informs on recent developments in the field of urbanisation in China.

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The Civil Peace Service (CPS) is a global program for the prevention of violence and peacebuilding in crisis- and conflict-affected regions. With our newsletter ZFDinfo we inform about individual projects and activities from the country programs. News from CPS advisors for CPS advisors thus form the core of this newsletter. Colleagues worldwide provide insights into local peace work, arouse readers’ interest and share experiences.

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Boletín Informativo de la Red Sectorial GADeR-ALC

Information and News from the Sector Network “Environmental Management and Rural Development in Latin America and the Caribbean” (GADeR-ALC) for non-members.

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