Promoting ozone protection through advisory services and investment

Project description

Title: Ozone Fund (German Ozone Protection Advisory and Investment Fund)
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Brazil, People’s Republic of China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Iran, Kenya, Liberia, Lesotho, Mauritius, Mexico, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Seychelles, Republic of Zimbabwe
Overall term: 1998 to 2026

In the area of indoor air conditioning, Proklima and the Ozone Fund are promoting air-conditioning equipment that uses the natural refrigerant propane (R290), which is ozone- and climate-friendly as well as considered highly energy efficient. © GIZ Proklima / MMA


Rising temperatures, urbanisation and economic growth are leading to an increased demand for cooling, especially in emerging economies and developing countries. However, air-conditioning and cooling equipment often has an enormous power consumption and contains substances that damage the ozone layer and climate.

The Ozone Fund was initiated with the aim of limiting global warming to less than two degrees. The project supports developing countries in the sustainable implementation of their obligations under the Montreal Protocol (MP) signed by the United Nations in 1987. This protocol regulates the gradual phasing out of ozone-depleting substances.

However, many governments are unable or only partially able to fulfil these obligations. The MP signatory states have therefore set up a Multilateral Fund (MLF) to reimburse developing countries for the additional costs associated with these changes.


The selected governments fulfil the obligations of the Montreal Protocol.

Training is provided to refrigeration technicians all over the world (image: in Brazil) on the use of natu-ral refrigerants as part of the activities. © GIZ Proklima / MMA


On behalf of the German Government, the project implements projects that the MLF handles directly with the individual countries. This also includes the Ozone Fund, which supports the governments of the project countries in introducing and implementing relevant laws and economic regulations for the prevention of substances that damage the ozone layer and climate.

The project supports the countries by providing advice, training and supplies of materials. It promotes the process of replacing old cooling and air-conditioning equipment with energy-efficient, ozone-friendly and climate-friendly systems. In addition, the project supports training courses for trainers and refrigeration technicians on the topic of natural refrigerants. It also helps to equip training institutes with tools and demonstration systems with natural refrigerants.

Last update: August 2021

Training institutions in partner countries (image: the Nairobi Technical Training Institute) are supplied with equipment and tools, and provided with advice on curriculum design to ensure optimal training for technicians in the handling of climate-friendly refrigerants. © GIZ Proklima / James Ochweri

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