Pakistan-German Climate and Energy Initiative

Project description

Title: Pakistan-German Climate and Energy Initiative
Commissioned by: Federal German Ministry for Economic Development and Employment (BMZ)
Country: Pakistan
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Climate Change
Overall term: Unlimited, starting in September 2021


Pakistan and Germany are long-standing partners with a history of 60 years in development cooperation. Through this Initiative, Germany will support Pakistan in combatting the adverse impacts of climate change and assist the country in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. The just energy transition is one of the most important topics of this initiative.

Pakistan has recognised the need for action and has demonstrated its commitment and leadership on this journey. With national programmes such as the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Programme, the Clean Green Pakistan Initiative and the Alternative and Renewable Energy Policy, as well as its outstanding Vision 2025, Pakistan has set the course for the much-needed transformation in society and towards technological sustainability.


Pakistan and Germany have identified and are jointly working towards achieving common goals for climate change adaptation and mitigation, and for a just energy transition.


The Pakistan-German Climate and Energy Initiative will provide a platform for political dialogue to discuss Pakistan’s way forward towards achieving its climate objectives, while sharing the knowledge and experience it has gained concerning how to best combat climate change.

It will support the implementation and achievement of the nationally determined contributions through intensified and reliable long-term cooperation in the fields of mitigation, adaptation, and potentially on climate financing mechanisms

It will facilitate exchanges and research cooperation at the academic level and with the private sector. The initiative will also mobilise private capital for the transformation and expansion of future-proof economic sectors in Pakistan.

Last update: May 2022

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