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GIZ seeks to conclude a service contract for the e-waste management service with a qualified service provider

As the consumption of electronic equipment steadily increases, so does the electronic waste that accompanies it. E-waste is a growing challenge for South Africa, with a limited number of technological devices and equipment being correctly collected, dismantled, disposed, and recycled.

Along with the technological demands of a more remote post-pandemic context, this rise of e-waste can also be attributable to the short lifecycles of electronic equipment, the technological progress that makes older technology rapidly obsolete and dispensable, as well as the low recycling rate. The incorrect and illegal disposal and recycling of e-waste results in hazardous and poisonous chemicals polluting and contaminating the very natural resources on which society relies. Additionally, there is an economic loss in the residual value of the raw materials left unrecovered from poorly managed e-waste.

Thus, in line with our sustainability mandate, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GIZ engages in the environmentally sound disposal and recycling of e-waste. As a key pillar of our Green IT strategy, our e-waste model is based upon the principles of sustainable waste management, resource efficiency, and circular economy.

To this end, GIZ seeks to appoint a suitably qualified and certified service provider for the management of end-of-life electronics, for our Pretoria Country Office in South Africa.

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Due date: 18 November 2022

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