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Service Provider for providing Module on Ethics and Integrity for Wits University’s First Year Experience

The Transparency, Integrity and Accountability Programme (TIP) supports state and non-state actors to contribute towards the implementation of the National Anti-corruption Strategy (NACS) in a whole-of-government and societal manner. The TIP provides capacity development for anti-corruption actors in the state, civil society and the business sector.

The project supports:

  • Active citizenry where citizens can contribute actively to activities and initiatives in favour transparency, integrity and accountability;
  • The strengthening of institutional capacity of collaborative mechanisms, particularly the National Anti-corruption Advisory Council to coordinate the implementation of the NACS; and
  • Multi-stakeholder partnerships to improve transparency, integrity and accountability meet the requirements of the human rights-based approach, including gender equality.

The TIP seeks to appoint a suitably qualified service provider to develop an online learning module for a university partner, targeted at First Year students, themed on anti-corruption, ethics, integrity and a commitment to Constitutional values. The module is intended to provide an understanding of corruption, including ways young people might experience it; to provide practical information on what to do if they might experience corruption as well as how to support others around them; and crucially, to drive the importance of, and encourage, ethical behaviour and integrity. The module should be designed to be engaging and appealing to the identified demographic, making use of suitable digital tools and methodologies for education, such as videos and simulation games.

The assignment is to achieve, at minimum, the following outcomes:

  1. Produce an online learning module on the aforementioned theme, including content development, digital development, and user-testing;
  2. Collaborate with the partner to ensure compatibility with the university’s learning management system and provide onboarding support.
  3. Prepare a report on the module including recommendations for scalability for other institutions of learning.

GIZ invites eligible and professional companies with local presence in South Africa to participate in this tender.

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Due date: 25 November 2022

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