Senior Climate Resilience, EbA and Data Governance Advisor

Reports to: Programme Manager

Duration: Until 31 December 2023 (With the possibility of an extension until 31 March 2025)


The BMZ - financed programme “Transboundary Water Management in SADC (TWM)” supports the implementation of regional strategies for Integrated Water Resource Management. As part of TWM the “Support to Integrated Catchment Management” project (ICM Action) is supporting the national programme ReNOKA for Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) in Lesotho, which is co-financed by the EU. ReNOKA is a multi-stakeholder initiative that includes ministries, civil society and the private sector. The national programme aims to develop capacities of Basotho stakeholders in implementing climate resilient rehabilitation and prevention measures at catchment level.

Different approaches to integrated catchment planning and implementation have been followed in Lesotho in the past. To facilitate socio-economic development and adaptation to climate change in Lesotho, ICM needs to be institutionalised and under full implementation, based on gender equality and climate adaptation principles. ReNOKA focuses on a people-centred and risk-informed approach to catchment management that advances resilience by systematically considering climate risks in the catchment management and development process as well as by fostering nature-based solutions for adaptation to climate change.

The ICM Action will further contribute to the strengthening of national data systems and a real-time land cover monitoring to provide evidence to inform decision-making, learning and innovation for ICM in Lesotho. The ICM data governance and information management approach under ReNOKA shall contribute to a multi-level M&E system to monitor the implementation of ICM plans and to ensure availability of data for national and international reporting requirements.

The ICM Action is looking for an Advisor on Climate Resilience, EbA and Data Governance to ensure the integration of climate resilience and ecosystem-based adaptation as lead concepts for ICM and support the strengthening of a coherent data governance and management approach under ReNOKA.


The Senior Climate Resilience, Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EbA) and Data Governance Advisor will be based in Maseru and report to the Component Manager. The Advisor will provide technical guidance and advisory on the integration of climate resilience and ecosystem-based adaptation as lead concepts under ReNOKA and its respective application for ICM. Further the Advisor will support the strengthening of a coherent Data Governance and Information Management approach under ReNOKA with strong emphasis on adaptation and resilience reporting. The position requires a thorough understanding of and professional experience in climate resilience and EbA as well prior professional experience in data management.


The Senior Climate Resilience, EbA and Data Governance Advisor is required to undertake the following tasks:

  • Integration of Climate Resilience and Ecosystem-based Adaptation as lead concepts under ReNOKA and its respective application for ICM
  • Lead the risk-informed contributions of ICM towards climate change and adaption strategies (NDC, NAP, Sendai framework) and to key policies (among others NSDP)
  • Lead on the Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA) approach as integral part of the catchment management and development planning at Catchment-Management-Area level
  • Coordinate assessments and modelling exercises connected to ecosystem services, adaptation and resilience in priority catchments
  • Ensure the systematic integration of climate resilient considerations into the ICM Action across all Outputs, with reference to effective and efficient policies and institutions for ICM, facilitation of capacities and skills, awareness raising, behavioural change and implementation of ICM measures as well as coordination and monitoring.
  • Provide technical guidance on the integration of climate resilience and EbA options into policy frameworks on regional, national and sub-national level
  • Provide technical guidance on the development and integration of payments for ecosystem services and other compensation / financing schemes as part of a comprehensive financing mechanism for ICM measures
  • Provide expertise on EbA approaches and ensure prioritization of (ecosystem-based) adaptation actions in the development of plans at catchment management area level.
  • Coordinate the development of new funding proposals and advise on the alignment of funding streams and projects under ReNOKA.
  • Support the process of integrating the findings of the participatory PIEVC climate risk assessment of the Metolong Dam System within broader processes of climate resilient public infrastructure investment and services, ICM planning and risk governance
  • Represent ICM in respective networks and liaise with key stakeholders, including senior Government officials, different international and regional partner agencies to build consensus on matters of advancing climate resilience in policy, institutions and technical solutions


Suitable candidates should apply for this position by submitting:

A motivation letter (concisely 1 page) stating why they should be the preferred candidate and the value they will bring to the work of ICM project.

A detailed CV indicating their nationality

Applications should be submitted to: with subject line

“Application for Senior Climate Resilience, EbA and Data Governance Advisor” for the attention of the Head of Human Resources.

Closing date for applications: 10 March 2023.

Only Permanent Residence holders and/ or Lesotho Citizens will be considered.

Interviews will be held in Maseru, Lesotho

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Applications without a motivation letter will not be considered!