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Labour Market Access Project (LMAP)

Labour Market Access Project (LMAP)

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  • Commissioning Party

    German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

  • Country
  • Lead executing agency


  • Overall term

    2024 to 2027

  • Products and expertise

    Economic development and employment


Egypt faces significant economic challenges, including high unemployment rates, particularly among young people and women, as well as a lack of decent job opportunities. The labour market suffers from structural issues, including a mismatch between skills and demand, women's low economic participation and inadequate working conditions in the private sector. The government, specifically the Ministry of Labour (MoL), has initiated reforms to address these issues. The project supports the ministry in its efforts.


Young Egyptians have better access to decent employment.


In cooperation with the MoL, the project addresses work related key challenges. This includes developing effective future oriented labour market policies to create appropriate job opportunities and enhance the participation of women in the labour force. Digitalisation can further improve employment opportunities and the overall quality of work. Moreover, it can foster the employability of youth.

To advance the current situation, the project puts the following measures in place:

  • Supporting the strategic and technical skills of the MoL's Employment Unit to design a future-oriented employment policy
  • Enhancing the technical skills of the MoL’s Gender Equality Committee employees to create better access to the labour market for women
  • Introducing digital solutions, for example in matchmaking between companies and job seekers, to promote employment
  • Expanding the range of job preparation for young Egyptians in an appropriate and gender-responsive way
  • Increasing the range of services related to employment opportunities, offered by selected private or public service providers to companies

Last update: Februar 2024

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