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E-learning database development

The GIZ's Digital Skills for Jobs and Income Project is an integral part of the National Pathway Management Network (NPMN), a key component of the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention. Within the NPMN, the Sub-Committee on E-Learning was formed to address a pressing issue: While there is a plethora of e-learning platforms, courses, and providers on a national and global scale that offer cost-effective and accessible re- and upskilling opportunities for unemployed youth, there are significant barriers. These barriers include challenges related to access, costs, accreditation, and certification, leading to a lack of comprehensive information and overview. This impedes youth from fully utilizing the existing e-learning resources and opportunities.

Companies with a history and a proven track record are encouraged to apply to provide the following services to support the Sub-Committee on E-Learning:

  1. Assist with identifying existing E-Learning resources and opportunities: Thoroughly research and compile an inventory of the existing e-learning resources and opportunities available for youth.
  2. Establish a Database/Repository: Develop a user-friendly database or repository that young people in South Africa can easily access. This database should include essential information about access, costs, certification, and accreditation requirements for each resource. The database should have search and filtering functionalities to assist youth with finding offers.
  3. Assist Sub-Committee to publish database/ repository in the right channels.
  4. Develop promotional material (social media posts, news articles etc.) to spread published database widely.
    • The development of this E-Learning Resource Database is a significant step in facilitating access to education and upskilling opportunities for the youth of South Africa. We look forward to working with capable partners who share our commitment to this important initiative.

GIZ invites eligible and professional companies with local presence in the SADC South Africa to participate in this tender.

Tender documents are available for downloading at the following link: 

Your proposal must be submitted to by 27 November 2023. Please quote reference 83453879 when submitting the documentation. Late submissions will not be accepted.