Envisioning a Sustainable Shrimp Production through Collaborative Public-Private Partnerships

From 10 to 13 December, Ca Mau proudly hosted the Shrimp Festival 2023. With the theme “Enhancing Vietnamese Shrimp – Developing OCOP products”, the festival incorporated multiple activities such as forums, seminars, exhibitions, and cultural and eco-tourism events.

One noteworthy collaboration during the festival was the joint effort between the Shrimp Working Group (SWG) and the Festival Organisation Committee. Established in 2020 with the support of the Mekong Delta Climate Resilience Project (MCRP) GIZ in VIET NAM, the SWG, along with the Committee, co-hosted a plenary session titled: Solutions for Vietnam Shrimp Industry Development.

At this session, Mr. Ngo Tien Chuong, the Aquaculture Team Leader of GIZ/MCRP underscored the SWG’s pivotal role in enhancing public-private partnership (PPP). He shared valuable insights, lessons-learned, and experiences on how to advance more sustainable and ecological shrimp production through effective PPPs. He also addressed the bottlenecks of the shrimp supply chain and recommended solutions for strengthening the cooperation and lowering the production cost.

The SWG operating under the Fisheries PPP Task Force of Department of Fishery, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is dedicated to steering the shrimp sector towards sustainable development. It plays a crucial role in strengthening the regional connections within the aquaculture landscape of the Mekong Delta.

To know more about the #MCRP project: https://mcrp.mard.gov.vn/VN/Pages/TrangChuVN.aspx