Call for Proposals 83460223

Expert to lead development of training modules and manuals on the use of the Compendium of Soil and Water Conservation

The Government of Lesotho, with support from the European Union (EU) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), has embarked on a national programme for Integrated Catchment Management (ICM), known as ReNOKA (‘we are a river’). The programme’s aim is to support the rehabilitation of degraded watersheds across the country and prevention measures that will halt further degradation of Lesotho’s catchment areas. The sustainable management of Lesotho’s catchments are critically important for water, land, energy and food security not only in Lesotho itself but in the entire Orange-Senqu Basin. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has been commissioned by the EU and BMZ to implement a technical cooperation project to support Integrated Catchment Management in Lesotho.

ICM develops standardised national guidelines for the continuous sustainable implementation under ReNOKA. The Compendium of Soil and Water Conservation Measures is a national guideline comprising of measures to combat soil erosion, sedimentation in water sources, and to promote rehabilitation of degraded landscapes. It contributes to sustainable soil, land, and water management practices. The Compendium provides a practical and detailed compilation of various suitable soil and water conservation measures for implementation in the Lesotho landscape, to reduce the impacts of climate change on natural resources and contribute towards improved resilience and adaptation to climate change.

The GIZ Support to ICM is cordially seeking to appoint an eligible and professional company with local presence in the Kingdom of Lesotho to lead the development of training modules and manuals on the use of the Compendium of Soil and Water Conservation and pilot a first training of trainers to participate in this tender.

Tender documents are available for downloading below. Your proposal must be submitted to by 10 March 2024. Please quote reference 83460223 when submitting the documentation. Late submissions will not be accepted.