Compliance: GIZ Viet Nam

Compliance is important to GIZ because it upholds the company's reputation, helps manage risks, ensures trust with stakeholders, enables effective as well as efficient operations, and aligns with the company's global reach and corporate goals. In our ongoing commitment to maintaining compliance standards, GIZ offers a specialized mechanism through which individuals can confidentially report any breaches of laws or regulations. GIZ’s whistleblowing system serves as a crucial early warning mechanism, enabling the company to swiftly identify potential grievances and implement effective countermeasures. 

In addition, there is an option to report any actions or behaviors that are in violation of laws or regulations through the reporting channels available at the GIZ country office in Hanoi. These channels are designed to provide a low-threshold access structure for reporting. The case examiners are responsible for conducting a thorough evaluation of all reports, handling them confidentially, and ensuring timely risk mitigation.

  • Corruption and bribery
  • Misappropriation, fraud, and embezzlement
  • Conflict of interests
  • Violations of environment related obligations (e.g. procurement of materials, equipment and services have effects on soil, water, air etc.)

GIZ's whistleblower portal


  • Discrimination & racism
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Work harassment.
  • Violation of human rights (e.g. child protection, working conditions, occupational safety & health, equal treatment at work etc.)

GIZ's whistleblower portal



Within its abilities, GIZ ensures that there are no negative consequences for any whistleblower who submits a substantiated report.

By submitting your report, you are helping us to prevent or remedy damages at an early stage within and outside our company. We would like to thank you for this support.

Please note: General complaints (e.g. regarding tenders or recruitment procedures) that are not related to serious breaches of conduct, rules or laws should be addressed to the relevant contacts within the company please.



The below video describes GIZ Viet Nam's policy on anti-sexual harassment in the workplace.